Wedding Set

Mid 2018 I was contacted by a couple who said they loved my watercolour jewellery dishes and had a request; would I be able to make it on a larger scale? I was so glad they asked. I had been meaning to expand this range for a long time, but being a small business owner and wearing all of the hats all of the time can take it’s toll, meaning a lot of things I would love to work on have to get put on the back burner. But a request like this brings it all to the front again.

By the end of 2018 we’d worked out a few more of the details so when 2019 rolled in I was ready to start work! After experimenting on an older shape to see if the watercolour effect would work on a bowl (spoiler, it did), I developed some new shapes to their specifications. The set is to be 12 dinner plates, 12 side plates and 12 deep bowls, each set of three with it’s own colour combination. I finally had some successful tests out of the kiln last week, so this week I moved in to producing the bulk of their order. Most of the pieces have been poured and are awaiting firing/colouring/glazing. The first coloured pieces of the set come out of the glaze firing tomorrow! I am very excited to see how they turn out!

Custom pieces

Here at LouiseM studio HQ we’ve been receiving requests for custom works at an unprecedented rate over the last year or so. We are so happy to be making pieces to order, custom works, personalised works and new things altogether, and to hear about how the pieces are joyously received in the case of gifts! If you have any images of your pieces in use, we would love to see them and feature them in our social media posts. Here are some of the most recent pieces made in the last few months.

If any of these images are sparking ideas for you, get in touch at and we’ll see what we can do for you!

New website in the works

Hello everyone, I know I’ve been promising it forever, but I’m finally getting a move-on with my new website, and here it is, in it’s very rudimentary beginnings. In addition to a gallery and information about what I do, I am also hoping to add a shop function. Thanks for your patience, and in the mean-time you can still visit my old site