Commissioned Work

Commissioned works

As well as designing and making ranges for sale to the public, LouiseM studio also provides a customising and commissioning service to businesses and private clients. Browse the gallery below to see some of the pieces that LouiseM studio has had a hand in the design and/or production of.

Pepe Saya
I've been working with Pepe Saya since 2013 to find the perfect housing for their extremely delicious cultured butter
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This work has culminated in the production of their now classic butter keeper, as well as several other side projects
Ben Quilty
For artist Ben Quilty's 2014 solo show at the Saatchi he sculpted some faces onto antique earthenware jugs. They were turned into moulds, and I produced and decorated the casts.
Black Star Pastry
I started making pieces for Black Star Pastry in late 2015, doing the plates for their pop-up store at Kinokuniya in the Sydney CBD. Since then I have worked together with the Black Star team to extend the range to include several different sizes of plate, most of which are blessed to bear their signature strawberry watermelon cake. All image credits to Black Star Pastry
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Black Star Pastry and Mörk Chocolate
When Black Star Pastry started using Mörk Chocolate in their hot chocolates I produced a range of thrown cups and jugs that would accomodate their serving size
Customer commissions
Various one-off projects commissioned by clients
Client commissions
Various projects for production commissioned by designers or businesses
Current works
Various pieces I am working on right now

Handmade in Sydney

If you are interested in having custom pieces made, please get in touch.  LouiseM studio offers a range of design, production and customisation services from our Marrickville studio