Paddy and Rose Wedding Set

Paddy and Rose

Watercolour Dinner Set

Paddy and Rose are both looking forward to seeing you all at their upcoming wedding! Instead of gifts they are asking for a contribution to a new dinner set with this watercolour glaze effect. They plan on hosting many family members and friends in their home, and accordingly have ordered a big set of 12 bowls, 12 dinner plates and 12 side plates.

See slides below for progress. 

I met them both at a market in Canberra and am excited about working on this set for these two lovely people!

Colour test on a bowl
New shapes
Colour selections
First test pieces fully fired
First batch of colours: blue and green
Blue purple and blue yellow
First pieces out!!
Yellows with red and orange

Working with Paddy and Rose, I have slowly come towards making their set of plates and bowls. As they were looking for a few shapes of bowl and plate that I wasn’t already making I started with a few test pieces first. I am currently working on their final pieces, first batch emerging from the kiln on the 15th of March!

I make the watercolour effect that caught their eye by thinning down ceramic paints called underglazes, then applying them to biscware ceramic (fired once to 1000 deg) before applying a clear glaze and firing again to 1260 degrees. Once the pieces are completed Paddy and Rose will have a set that is dishwasher and microwave safe, and perfect for hosting dinners with family and friends.