Blend Cup 12oz


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Blend cup with a capacity of approx. 360mL. The 12oz cup is big enough to hold large coffees, teas, water, juice, whatever!

Silicone lid and sleeve attachments are available for the cups to transform it into a takeaway cup. Both cup and attachments are microwave- and dishwasher-safe. If you’re a tea or long-black drinker, the sleeve is recommended.

Blend cups are made with coloured slips mixed with white porcelain slip, resulting in their characteristic marbled outside pattern. All pieces are coated with a layer of clear glaze on the inside of the piece, and halfway down the outside, so when you hold the cup you can feel the difference between the glazed and unglazed surface of the porcelain. Each piece is totally unique, and no two patterns are the same!

The 12oz cup has a capacity of approximately 360mL, with a small gap at the top. Actual capacity of the cup can vary slightly due to differences in thickness which are a result of the handmade nature of the process. Dimensions of the cup are a width of 8.9cm and a height of 11.6cm

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Dimensions 8.9 × 8.9 × 11.6 cm

Coral, Cornflower, Mango, Liquorice, Teal


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