DV3 Tiny Vase


This is a “discontinued” vase, for information on it’s original range please see the Vases Youtube video.

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This is a “discontinued” vase that used to be a part of one of LouiseM Studio’s previous ranges that has since been discontinued. There is nothing physically wrong with this vase, it has just been reduced in price to help clear out old stock.

For a bit more detail on each individual vase please see the Vases Youtube video or the instagram TV post on @louisemstudio which briefly shows each vase grouped by second, sample or discontinued. If you are uncertain about a piece please get in contact for more details before purchasing (mail@louisemstudio.com or via social media channels).

The size descriptor and/or ruler in the photos are provided as rough guides only. Please ignore the coloured stickers, they just indicate the price. The photos have not been colour corrected, so actual colour may vary slightly from the picture. If you want to confirm the actual sizing/colour please get in contact or check out similar products in our normal range which all have full dimensions listed.

There will be no refunds or returns accepted for seconds, samples or discontinued products, they are sold as is.


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