Textured Cup Piccolo Flowing Fur


Textured cup piccolo size with flowing fur hand-carved pattern. Choose from the drop down menu below whether you would like the cup by itself or with a takeaway lid


Flowing Fur pattern ‘textured’ cup in the ‘piccolo’ size with a capacity of approx. 120mL. The piccolo cup is designed to match the size of a piccolo coffee you would order in a cafe, giving it the perfect balance of coffee to milk/water, but is also suitable for macchiato, tea, or any other beverages you like to drink. You can order the cup by itself, or with a silicone lid to turn it into a travel cup, ready to be on the go.

Textured cups are made with touch and tactility in mind. An extension of our range of vases, the textured cup range continues the theme of simplicity, with a simple white porcelain cup whose only adornment in the hand-carved pattern etched into it’s exterior. All pieces are coated with a layer of clear glaze on the inside of the piece which comes up over the lip and down to the top of the pattern, so it feels smooth to your lip, but you have the lovely feeling of the textured porcelain in your hand. Each piece is hand-carved, so there will be minor differences from piece to piece.

Please note that the cups in the pictures are indicative of the product, but as each piece is handmade there are always small variations and differences from item to item. If you would like to see the actual pieces in stock please either get in touch via email, or come visit us in the studio or at one of our market events.

All cups and their attachments are dishwasher and microwave safe! The cup dimensions are 7cm diameter at top, 5.3cm diameter at bottom and 6.3cm height (7.7cm with lid on)

Additional information

Dimensions 7 × 7 × 6.3 cm

Cup only, With Lid


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