Commissioned Works

As well as designing and making ranges for sale to the public, LouiseM studio also provides a customising and commissioning service to businesses and private clients. Browse the gallery below to see some of the pieces that LouiseM studio has had a hand in the design and/or production of.

If you’re interested in having something custom made, please get in touch!

Pepe Saya is one of our oldest (and favourite) clients. We make their butter keepers as well as other projects that complement their expanding range

For artist Ben Quilty’s 2014 solo show at Saatchi in London, he sculpted some faces onto antique jugs. moulds were made from the jugs, then I produced and decorated the casts

In late 2015 Black Star Pastry opened a pop-up store in Kinokuniya in the Sydney CBD, I made several different plates for the team to serve their cakes and pastries on in the cafe

Fur Tales is a small company set up by two women working in the pet industry who wanted to introduce some bespoke items to the space, enter this collaborative project; our limited edition batches of pet bowls

Condiment dishes from my soft range transformed to suit the client! In this case, Almah Skincare, and Someone Like June

Guts is a creative marketing agency with some distinctive branding! In consultation with owner Kara, I developed this design that would incorporate their branding over the entire cup

I was approached by paper artist Lisa Rodden in 2014 about producing a range of bud vases. I ended up making 3 sizes, and decorated them with a colour-matched palette of 8 different underglaze colours

Custom pieces made for various clients with personalised stamping

Various house tile projects made for clients