LouiseM studio is a ceramics studio located in Marrickville, Sydney that specialises in producing slip-cast home- and table-wares that use colour and pattern to delight. Louise started her ceramic journey over 10 years ago when she fell in love with clay and it’s possibilities at university; with an earnest desire to experiment with the medium and to produce items that were practical but unlike anything she’d seen before, she founded her own studio.

Each piece coming out of the studio is finished by hand, and therefore unique. Louise believes that seeing the hand of the maker in a piece is a sign of beauty, and encourages a greater connection to the objects in our lives. Being aware of our impact on the earth, we aim to add to it only in a meaningful way. Your favourite ceramic pieces should be the ones you use every day, and not what gets stuck in the cupboard waiting for the ‘right occasion’.

They make beautiful gifts, and perfect treats for you own cupboard and table.

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