Louise at a market
LouiseM studio is a small ceramics practice based in Marrickville, Sydney. Run by designer and maker Louise Martiensen, the studio produces handmade slip-cast tablewares and homewares that are designed and made for everyday use.
Louise started her ceramic journey over 10 years ago after falling in love with the medium whilst studying at university. With an earnest to desire to push the possibilities, experiment with technique and make pieces unlike what she was seeing around at the time, she started making her own pottery.
“I’ve always loved making things, ever since I was a little kid, always trying new things and techniques and new ways of expression. I find using my hands incredibly satisfying, which is probably why I’m also a fiend for cooking and gardening. It wasn’t until I got a bit older that I realised that one of the most satisfying parts about my creations was watching them go to use, and I think that’s why I’ve ended up in a medium that has such strong links to very present, practical pieces”
Starting small and building up over time the business now encompasses the production and sales of many different ranges of wares as well as commissions for other businesses and private clients and also teaching classes. Louise works there full time, now joined part-time by production assistant Marcy
Working primarily in porcelain, our pieces are created at a small scale that strikes a balance between mass-produced/homogenous and handmade/unique. Over several ranges we make cups, bowls, plates, serving-pieces and vases. Utilising the slip-casting technique as a base, and adding to each piece with individual colouring, carving, pressing or glazing techniques means that no two pieces are exactly the same and the marks of the maker are always present. This in turn encourages an individual relationship with each piece which leads to a lasting connection full of meaning and memory. We believe in the power of thoughtful design to make our lives better, and as frivolous as having nice homewares might seem sometimes, it does make a difference to have beautiful objects in our lives.
You can keep up to date with our journey by keeping an eye on our blog (the ‘news’ section of the website), or by following us on social media. Louise participates in various market events throughout the year, as well as being part of open studio trails, and is only an email away for any enquiries that you might have
Louise M Studio