Textured Vase – Medium


Textured vase ‘medium’ size. Choose the pattern you’d like to see in this size from the drop-down menu below


‘Medium’ size textured vase is one of our most versatile sized vases. At a width of 7cm and a height of 20.7cm it will take a smaller bunch purchased from florist or supermarket. We have a love for Australia native flowers here at LouiseM studio, and think they look spectacular in our vases, but really, most blooms and leaves work well in there. The plain white surface lets your bouquets shine whilst they are in there, but then the vases are stunning enough on their own that they still look great on your table or shelf even without the flowers.

All textured range vases are made out of a fine white porcelain slip which is clear gloss glazed on the interior to make them water-tight, but left unglazed on the exterior so you can feel the textures of the patterns that have been carved in. Each vase starts it’s life as a plain, slip-cast cylinder, but then each pattern is carefully hand-carved in with various tools. In this way, each piece is quite unique, and no two are ever exactly the same.

Please note that the vases in the pictures are indicative of the product, but as each piece is handmade there are always small variations and differences from item to item. If you would like to see the actual pieces in stock please either get in touch via email, or come visit us in the studio or at one of our market events.

Additional information

Dimensions 7 × 7 × 21 cm

Carved Stone, Crossed Wires, Jarrah Bark, Long Lines, Onion Cells, Paddle Pop, Spool, Thick Fur


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