Watercolour Jewellery Dish, Forest and Green wash


Watercolour wash jewellery dishes, great for keeping your jewellery tidy in your bedside and bathroom

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The watercolour series of jewellery dishes are very small flat plates 10cm wide and 1 cm tall that are great for keeping your jewellery pieces on when you’re not wearing them. They are made of a white porcelain and have a wash of ceramic paint applied to their surface in a way that mimics a watercolour paint effect, with a clear glaze on top. Each piece is painted by hand, and as such, the effect on the surface of the dish is never the same from piece to piece . This jewellery dish is the ‘forest and green wash’, which is a light and dark green both painted over the surface and blended together where they touch.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm


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