February 2023

Here at LouiseM studio, we’ve been using January to reflect. 2022 was a huge year. The year started with a move for the studio into a space twice the size we had been using, followed by three floods, a broken down kiln twice, supply chain issues causing us to run out of slip three times during the year, and the suppliers to change the slip recipe, causing production issues of cracking in our patterned vases. However, despite all these interruptions to our work-flow we were still able to do so much. Our team grew in April with the hiring of part-time production assistant Marcy, our production capacity grew with the addition of a huge new kiln in October (just in time for the Christmas rush!), and we attended a large number of markets and other events as design markets came back in a big way in 2022. What a year.

What does 2023 hold in store for us? We’re hoping to make changes, but maybe some quieter ones this time around. Alongside ongoing improvements that are planned for the studio workspace, we’ve also got plans to work on some new ranges, and some new collaborations with other businesses and creatives. But to make more room and time for new things, we have decided to take a break from teaching our extremely popular beginners ceramics classes that were run through the Sydney Community College. Last classes are being run from mid-February. We’ve also got some big design market events booked in for the year, so keep an eye on our page footer for the next events coming up.