New work in 2024

Earlier this year we were able to release a new part of the ‘flora’ range, a new plant print, the Stenocarpus sinuatus. Also known as the Firewheel tree it’s native range is as a rainforest tree in northern NSW up through Queensland. The robust, circular formation of it’s flowers is perfect for pressing, and after our first run of them this year we plan to make more next time they are flowering. You can now find them listed online, and at market dates while stocks last.

We have been using the quieter months in the middle of the year to continue some work on new designs and re-designs and tweaks on old designs. The first of these will be start coming through in the next couple of weeks, with more to come out over the next couple of months in the lead up to Christmas. You can expect to see the blend series of cups somewhat changed, as well as some new tableware and cups

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